What is it?

One of the most widely used LMS in the world, Moodle is adaptable, configurable, free, open source, allows new implementations, customizations and integration with many systems.

Why Moodle and E-Create?

E-Create has great expertise in making Moodle easier to use, making it more visually engaging and tailoring it to your needs. We offer services that make the platform even more powerful and perfectly matched with your needs.

Our services

  • Development and Integrations

    This covers the creation of new features, plug-ins and integrations with other systems.

  • Support and Maintenance

    Communication channels, via web and phone, focused on troubleshooting, administration and the clarification of any doubts related to the use of the platform.

  • Customization of the Interface

    The creation of fully customized themes in accordance with the needs of your project, always prioritizing a good user experience and the facilitation of the teaching-learning process.

  • Training

    Our training sessions can be provided on-site or on-line and are delivered by trainers who are Moodle experts.

All the power of Moodle and much more

Invest in T&D and boost your market competitiveness.


Your school can go further than you think.